These are just a few links to pages I like, or find very helpful (or both…)

Design Resources

Moo Cards .: Small run online printer, has some great promotional options, great prices and quite decent quality. 10% off our first order if you use this link! .: GREAT production related forums! Targeted at pre-press and printers, they get into the major details. .: These guys are one of the best resources for HTML and CSS stuff

A List Apart .: Another incredible site loaded with web resources.

Interesting Sites

Behance .: My Behance page, with much of my work. .: Today’s Front Pages from Around the World.

My Pet Skeleton .: How could you *not* be inspired by this guy’s work. Truly amazing stuff.

See Jane Work .: Really interestingly designed (and useful) office supplies.

TopGear .: Only the best car related TV show ever!! Well, until the guys introduce their new show.

WhatTheDuck .: More of a photography related comic, but freelancers will appreciate it as well! .: My web host. They’ve always been awesome and downtime is definitely a rarity. If you sign up from my link, I get a bonus apparently. .: Fabulous source for amazing animals up for adoption. .: Cool paper company that makes tree free paper using things like banana fiber, coffee remnants and other normally discarded materials. They make journals, notebooks, writing papers and even bulk papers! Most (if not all) of it works easily in laser printers too.

Post Punk Kitchen .: A vegan recipe site. I’m not vegan, so I have to tweak some things as I don’t have some of the “weirder” stuff, but WOW there are some truly amazing recipes in there! My fav still being the pumpkin waffles I think…

xkcd .: A brilliant online comic strip. Helpful if you’re a bit nerdy and geeky.

Useful Blogs

InDesignSecrets .: Includes some ways to get around those annoyances in ID.

Illustration Class  .: Illustration tutorials from the fabulous Von Glitschka. His Illustrator abilities are second to none. He also has a series.