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Etc. - Portfolio of Dawn Lively

Before After: Kizzire Custom Creations


Client: Kizzire Custom Creations

Objective: To be able to promote his beautiful handcrafted work in select shops.

Challenge: Keep the project on its tight budget while still creating effective pieces to showcase his work in order to grow his business.

Solution: Terry created some beautiful custom furniture and needed help with his promotions in order to be able to market his work to others both directly and through select shops. To do this while maintaining his tight budget, NMG decided he needed a new logo and a collection of marketing pieces: a letter-sized flier, postcard to be used promotionally and a business card.

The big step was that I was fortunate enough to have a photographer friend agree to shoot the photographs for a very reasonable fee plus trade of one of his existing coffee tables. We set up the shoot in an available home that was on the market, in order to show his pieces in a more “natural” environment. His logo is a take on a welding mark, incorporating the “K” from his last name, replacing the generic clip art of an industrial welder. To keep costs down I designed the flier, which was more likely to be printed randomly as needed or just emailed, as non-bleed and one-sided. The postcard was designed to be promotional leave-behind rather than a mailer: 4-color for the front and the one color (black) for the back’s promotional information. The business cards were printed through a supplier who didn’t charge extra for bleed, and we decided to do a second more “artsy” card for him to use with customers who were more artistically inclined, with the more traditional card to be used for more business-like clients.

The photography from these pieces won a local Silver ADDY award.

Before After: InnerSources


Client: InnerSources

Objective: To grow her business and expand into a higher retail market

Solution: InnerSources was a producer of inspirational pins and cards, often focused towards things such as spreading hope and making a positive difference in people’s lives. She had been doing her own marketing materials, but with her new line of “She Who…” pins, was looking to move into a larger market of the retail industry and realized she needed some better materials.

The “She Who…” product catalog was the first piece. I was asked to design the piece and photograph the pins and a display for the inside. While working on the design, I decided that photos of the pins on their cards would be much more stunning for the front, and would better grab people’s attention. The piece turned out great, and as she continued to grow, I continued to photograph the items and designed oversized postcards to promote several of her new lines.

It was a lot of fun being able to incorporate my photography into the design process. The images from the cover of the She Who… catalog won a silver in Photography at the local ADDY awards.

Before After: AICE Conference


Client: AICE Quality Conference

Objective: To redesign their conference brochure to be more attractive and functional to attract more attendees and make the registration options clearer, and to be more useful for those in attendance.

Solution: Working with NMG, we continued with their 3-color preference of blue, black and a spot silver on the cover sheet. With their brochure being 12 pages, it was important to organize things easily for those looking to attend to find the information they need easily. We also rearranged the registration page to be more easily understandable as there were several options for registration packages. As they had recently moved to online registration, but were having trouble getting people to register via their site, we added information on where to register online at the bottom of each spread to increase visibility of that option.

New site update


My first design piece in college

I’ve had issues with the portfolio portion of my site for a while. The album worked ok, but it wasn’t what I wanted as it required too much action to see pieces, not to mention it was complicated to include several images for a particular project. I had tried to keep things in HTML and CSS, as my roots waaay back when made me feel I needed to actually code my own site, even though I haven’t called myself a “webmaster” in, wow, about 20 years (I taught myself HTML3 back around 1996 and actually got my first home internet access for free as I was doing web design for a service provider). My original site eventually ended up Flash based, which I dropped for HTML/CSS based since it’s so much trimmer, and can be viewed on mobile devices. With the explosion of good WordPress themes, and my satisfaction with a couple I had used for other people, I decided it was silly to not go ahead and just use one for myself too. Not to mention it forces me to keep up with CSS and to have to understand a bit of the other languages in order to tweak the pre-made sites to do some things I want. I tried to find a shot of my original site from 1996, but only found the coded pages, for whatever reason the images weren’t there…

I certainly don’t consider myself an actual web designer since I’m not fluent in the backend languages, but I still try to dabble so that I can at least create good, functional, basic sites. I’m much more a print designer, as I just have more fun with it. Publications are still my biggest love, though it’s a bit harder to casually get publication assignments!

So, since I can’t put a shot of the first site, I’ll put the first design piece I ever did in school. It was a poster for an endangered species. I actually still like it though… unlike the fully tabled site design (though that was all there was back then…)