Portfolio itemsBusiness cards for a photographer to hand out to models and make-up artists at a repeat fashion shoot client. These were done through Moo.com, who can print a different image on the back of each card printed. We chose to keep one side the photographer’s basic contact info, and on the reverse, we used 5 different fashion photos of his, with the link to the proof page, where the artists and models could go to order prints.


RoHu_BC_SMDouble-sided 2/c vertical business card, and logo, for an area photographer.


LienemannWedBCFNL.inddBusiness card for a wedding photographer.


HawkeyeMovBC_250Double-sided business card for a moving and storage business. It was a challenge to present all of their contact information and all of their services. Using color to break up the information helped keep it from becoming cluttered.


AAM_BC_FNL.inddBusiness card design for the African American Historical Museum.


NovakBC FNL2Black and white business card for a company who carved images into black marble. The back was solid black, with a tint of their logo, a laser blast, screened into the middle.


KizBCsSMBusiness card for a custom metal furniture designer. One card was used for his more artistic clients, and the other for more “normal” uses.


NMG_BC_SM1Business card for a marketing professional. Initially a 2/c design printed on Neenah’s Moonrock paper, after her portrait was reshot later, the photo was changed to color for subsequent printings through an online printer.


bc to Wizard.inddMy personal business card, composed of two images of mine.